Super Express Denmark

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Do you need or want to get married in Denmark ASAP SUPER fast?!? Well this is the service for you, it is faster than any other Agency can or will provide, and it is for if you want something faster than fast. No-one else can help you with getting married in Denmark as quickly, efficiently or correctly as we can (and we can say this with complete confidence!).

Available on Whats app 7 days a week for you, application processed same day, marry on average 10-14 days from submission of application - or from 72 hours from approval. In some situations even faster depending on your situation and flexibility. 

No Marital status needed (If you are asked for a marital status we will give you a full and immediate refund)

Marry on a tourist VISA, No Marital Status documents, No birth Certificates. International Marriage certificates issued the same day in German, Danish, English, French and Spanish.

If we cannot get you married within 14 days from submission of application we will give you a refund between this service and the Everything service!